Play blackjack for free

In most online casinos you can play blackjack for free even before you register or deposit any money. In this way, you can easily find out which casino that offers blackjack suits you the best.

It’s also a good idea to test free blackjack games to see if your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile is compatible with the software used by the casino.

Learn how to play blackjack for free

Practice for free!

Before playing blackjack for real money it is important that you practice so you learn how to master the game. There are hundreds of free blackjack games you can play that are perfect for this. This will allow you to learn how to play the game optimally, so you do not hand the casino an advantage as you are unsure as how to play.

For example, Casino Cosmopol informs players on its website that the payout percentage of their blackjack games to players who play optimally is 99.5 percent. The average player can only expect a 98.5 percent return, while poor players will be receiving back 97 percent or even less. Therefore, it is clear to see that mastering basic strategy is important in order to maximise your profits.

Strategies in blackjack

There are a few different blackjack variants, and therefore each requires a different strategy. You must learn the particular optimal strategy for the particular variant you are playing before you begin to play with real money else you will quickly lose your bankroll.

Free blackjack versions are also great for those who wish to learn card counting while playing, although you can learn this too just by using a regular deck.

Casino advantage

There are many talented game analysts whom have looked at how various rules variances affect the casino’s advantage. For example, the rule that the dealer must draw on soft 17 decreases the casino’s advantage by 0.2 percent. If you can double down after splitting, then this reduces the bank’s advantage by 0.14 percent.

Knowing how the various rules affect your chances of winning, you can find a game type that gives you the best odds of making as much profit as possible. Again, playing free blackjack is still the best way to go about learning the various rules, and to find the variant that suits your play best. You should also find the variant that has the best interface, graphics and sound.


Playing with bonus money is another way to play free blackjack. Unfortunately, welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses do not normally allow new players to play blackjack using bonus money. However, you are usually free to use your bonus money to play other games at your chosen online casino. Just make sure you carefully check the rules that apply to bonuses before you play, just so you won’t be disappointed.

If you are allowed to use bonus money to play blackjack, then use will usually find that special rules apply. For example, the wagering requirements might be higher, or that only a certain percentage of some games count towards what you are required to play through.